Coco, Shea & Reece Ryan

Part-time Associates

Coco Ryan (middle) is a black goldendoodle that was born in January 2017. David Ryan's family originally adopted Coco to be a fully-trained service dog for their daughter, Kathryn, who has Cerebral Palsy. He initially started working in our office to aid in his training to be a support dog, but within no time adapted to be a goofy, lovable family pet that loves walks and tug of war.

After the Ryan family received such an amazing impression from Coco, they decided to adopt another. Shea Ryan (right) is a goldendoodle that was born in March 2018. Like her older brother, Shea has adapted to be a goofy, lovable family pet. She is a wonderful companion that greatly enjoys people's company. 

When Shea was about to turn 1 year old the Ryan's decided to expand their fluffy family and adopt Reece. Reece Ryan (left) is a St.Berdoodle that was born in February 2019. Reece loves playing with his siblings and makes sure that everyone stays active. He so easily puts a smile on every face he meets.

Although Coco, Shea and Reece don't have prior experience working in an office, they certainly present themselves as professionals. They're proficient in door greeting and window watching. In their spare time they enjoy doing tricks for treats and receiving belly rubs.